I Understand

I don’t understand,” he says, “Why are you mad at me?”


“You’re running around and flirting with other girls! How can you treat me like this?”


Oh so incredulous

“I’m not ‘running around and flirting,’ we’re just hanging out!”


Oh sure. Maybe he just doesn’t see it,

But it would be so easy.

They smile, those girls

They laugh and flip their hair

It would be so easy

They’re so pretty, and I’m so far away

He could just forget, he could fall in love

It would be so easy

They don’t really care about him, can’t he see?

He can be so blind, he could be fooled

Oh God, it could happen so easily


“I’m just afraid you’ll fall for some pretty floozy there and forget about me.”

“But I love you! How many times do I have to say it for you to believe it?”

“Tell me again, make me believe you.”

“I love you, don’t you trust me?”

“I trust you! I just don’t trust them!”


I just don’t trust them.

They have ways, some girls, they might take him from me.

And what could I do about it? It would be so easy.

And I want to trust him, I do!

I just don’t trust them, and it happens to couples all the time.

It would be so easy

For him to break my heart.


“I just couldn’t stand to lose you, I’m mad because I care enough to be, don’t you see?”


“I don’t understand how you think that could happen. I love you. Why can’t you trust me? I don’t understand.”

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